I have an unknown problem. My webserver 3-4 times a day suddenly "locks down" and is not available from web, meaning, no websites are available, they just time out.

But, the console connections are working fine and mysql/top/htop results dont show any overflows before that happens either.

I have tried restarting mysql and apache service, no effect. Even restarted the physical pc once.

I don't know how else to monitor this, all I see is that all processes are going down and the server workload just drops to 0.1% and after 3-5 minutes it goes back to normal.

This, as mentioned, happens on average 5 times a day. Sometimes during peak hours, sometimes at night. Sometimes multiple times in a row.

Any idea what could be causing this and/or how to monitor such behavior?

Sorry if Im asking the wrong questions, Im not an administrator myself. Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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