What I understood is that some of the Openstack components communicate using RabbitMQ service (which uses RPC protocol) while other communicate using REST APIs, DB queries etc.

But when I check rpcinfo -p, it doesn't list any service related to RabbitMQ/openstack.

What's the difference between the communication mechanism of services which are dispayed in rpcinfo (Eg: NIS, NFS etc.) and RabbitMQ/Openstack service?


RPC stands for remote procedure call. The main problem with it is that there are too many protocols that called RPC. The one which is used by NIS and NFS is know as ONC RPC (or SUN RPC). Openstack used another RPC implementation - based on AMQP, which is incompatible with oncrpc. As a result, you need a different tools to inspect and monitor. You can start from RabbitMQ monitoring

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