Using logging.properties and the default tomcat 8 juli (java.util.logging) logging, is there a way to configure logging such that all logging for context ABC goes to log ABC.log instead of ( or in addition to ) catalina.out?

By "context", I mean, for instance, the URL configured via $CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/ABC.xml, which would let me go to URL http://domain/ABC.

If I can just get confirmation that it is not possible with the default logging, that would help.

  • How are the web applications generating log messages? Are they using java.util.logging, writing to stdout, something else? – Mark Thomas May 23 at 16:21
  • java.util.logging, which is standard for tomcat ( I think under the hood they use JULI code to add some extra features and handling ). – user3329922 May 23 at 20:54

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