I have a dictionary like this:

    key1: value1
    key2: value2

When I loop the dictionary I want to combine key/value pair.

  list_of_dicts: {{ list_of_dicts | default({}) | combine (item.key: item.value) }}
with_dict: "{{ list_of_dicts }}"

How can I get the value of item.value.key ?


With the filter_plugin below (credit Coderwall)

> cat filter_plugins/hash_utils.py
def hash_to_tuples(h):
    return h.items()

def hash_keys(h):
    return h.keys()

def hash_values(h):
    return h.values()

class FilterModule(object):
    ''' utility filters for operating on hashes '''

    def filters(self):
        return {
            'hash_to_tuples' : hash_to_tuples
            ,'hash_keys'     : hash_keys
            ,'hash_values'   : hash_values

The play

- debug:
    msg: "{{ item|hash_keys }}"
  loop:  "{{ list_of_dicts.values() }}"

gives (abridged):

    "msg": [

You might want to try hash_to_tuples and hash_values filters.

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