I'd appreciate some help with crafting the right regex for an nginx map block please. Essentially, I need a match a pattern [typically a word: such as course] in a url but url must not end in extensions such as jpg, png, gif

so while it should match:


it should not match:

  • /course/history.png
  • /course.jpg
  • /course/history/student/boy.png

I simply can't get any thing to work, feels like I'm far from it

map $request_uri $redirect_uri_course {
~/course/+ !.(jpg|png|gif)$   http://www.example.com/courses;

Please help, Thanks


You could use a regular expression with a negative lookbehind.

For example:


Alternatively, considering that regular expressions are evaluated in order, you could use two statements, with the first evaluating to zero.

For example:

~\.(jpg|png|gif)([?]|$)    0;
~^/course/               /some/path;
  • many thanks. That seemed to have worked, The second option suits my use case better. Thanks again – pi. May 24 at 8:13

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