I have found weird one line of httpd error log and access log on my server.

Error log: [Fri May xx xx:xx:xx 2019] [error] [client xxx:yyy:zzz::aaa] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /var/www/html/

Access log: xxx:yyy:zzz::aaa - - [xx/May/2019:xx:xx:xx +xx00] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 403 4961 "-" "-"

This is weird, because I have configure iptables to only allow connection from spesific IP address. This is my iptables configuration, related to HTTP/S:

62 ACCEPT udp -- xxx.zzz.255.172 udp dpt:443

63 ACCEPT tcp -- xxx.zzz.255.172 tcp dpt:443

64 ACCEPT udp -- xxx.zzz.255.172 udp dpt:80

65 ACCEPT tcp -- xxx.zzz.255.172 tcp dpt:80

66 ACCEPT tcp -- xxx.dd.67.185 tcp dpt:443

67 ACCEPT udp -- xxx.dd.67.185 udp dpt:443

68 ACCEPT udp -- xxx.dd.67.185 udp dpt:80

69 ACCEPT tcp -- xxx.dd.67.185 tcp dpt:80

70 ACCEPT udp -- xxx.fff.sss.52 udp dpt:443

71 ACCEPT tcp -- xxx.fff.sss.52 tcp dpt:443

72 ACCEPT udp -- xxx.fff.sss.52 udp dpt:80

73 ACCEPT tcp -- xxx.fff.sss.52 tcp dpt:80

74 ACCEPT udp -- yy.ccc.lll.185 udp dpt:443

75 ACCEPT tcp -- yy.ccc.lll.185 tcp dpt:443

76 ACCEPT udp -- yy.ccc.lll.185 udp dpt:80

77 ACCEPT tcp -- yy.ccc.lll.185 tcp dpt:80

78 ACCEPT udp -- yy.ccc.lll.186 udp dpt:443

79 ACCEPT tcp -- yy.ccc.lll.186 tcp dpt:443

80 ACCEPT udp -- yy.ccc.lll.186 udp dpt:80

81 ACCEPT tcp -- yy.ccc.lll.186 tcp dpt:80

82 ACCEPT udp -- udp dpt:443

83 ACCEPT udp -- udp dpt:80

84 ACCEPT tcp -- tcp dpt:80

85 ACCEPT tcp -- tcp dpt:443

86 DROP udp -- udp dpt:443

87 DROP tcp -- tcp dpt:443

88 DROP udp -- udp dpt:80

89 DROP tcp -- tcp dpt:80

How can someone with another IP address have access my apache server?

  • IP addresses generally don't have x, y or z in them. Please avoid faking information whenever possible, as it can make it difficult to understand or answer the question. If you must make fake information, use the rules shown in the linked post. – Michael Hampton May 25 at 3:52

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