I have a VPS that runs number of small sites. It runs over 5 years without any problem. Last night I notified 12K GB outgoing traffic and I researched about that and it seems it was an DNS Amplification Attack.

My server get shout down duo to traffic bill and when I started the server again, I never see the same server. I get headache related DNS.

I have two sites on that server, One of them can be reached via dnslookup from some locations, Emails on that site can be received etc. The other site can't be resolved DNS and cant be reached anyway.

My question is that, I don't change anything in the server configurations. just set recursion no; in the /etc/named.conf file. It is possible my IP banned duo to that huge traffic in the routers all over the world? It can be Firewall issue? it seems my DNS Server cant reached out of the world.

Everything in the server is OK but I can reach sites, How I can trace the problem?

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    Maybe your provider blocked dns in their firewall. Contact their abuse department – HBruijn May 25 at 10:46

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