We have a windows share (from a 2012R2 server), which is accessed from windows machines and one Mac.

When the Mac user and a Windows user, work in the same directory, files are deleted somehow. A test my collegues did last week:

Win: Open Test.psd file from folder X:\Test\ (X: maps to \\server\X\)
Mac: Open test.jpg file from share \\server\X\Test\
Win: Can't save PSD at this moment
Win: Save Test.psd as Test2.psd and close
Win: Open Test2.psd fails, locked by user of Mac (but it isn't open at the Mac...)
Win: Open Test2.psd again, file is corrupted. 
Mac: Open Test2.psd, sees a damaged file (but it can be opened in Photoshop)
Mac: Closes test.jpg and test folder
Win: Test.psd is removed as the Mac user disconnects
Mac: Closes test.jpg and test folder

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