I am configuring a web service for PAM authentication. In addition to kerberos, it should also allow a couple of additional local users to authenticate.

I am using 65534 (nobody) for these users to ensure they don't gain any unforseen access. Both the passwd and shadow files are readable by the service.


auth     required   pam_listfile.so onerr=fail item=user sense=allow file=/etc/myservice/users

auth     sufficient pam_krb5.so minimum_uid=1000
account  sufficient pam_krb5.so minimum_uid=1000

auth     sufficient pam_extrausers.so
account  sufficient pam_extrausers.so






May 29 13:37:41 myhost pam_extrausers_chkpwd[493]: check pass; user unknown
May 29 13:37:41 myhost pam_extrausers_chkpwd[493]: password check failed for user (user1)
May 29 13:37:41 myhost ker process: pam_extrausers(myservice:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=33 euid=33 tty= ruser= rhost= user=user1
May 29 13:37:41 myhost pam_extrausers_chkpwd[494]: could not obtain user info (user1)

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