I have a XEN-4.4 server, running an Ubuntu 14 client with Samba 4.3.11-Ubuntu active directory.

I manage it using a Windows 10 client running Active Directory User and Computers.

I have a backup XEN server, with identical logical volumes configured, and an identical /etc/xen/sambaADserver.cfg file

I installed and configured DRBD to clone the main's XEN server's "SambaADserver" logical volume to the backup XEN server.

DRBDADM_BUILDTAG=GIT-hash:\ 5474c321d80250cc61d851220503fdc739490ce9\ build\ by\ pbuilder@marvin\,\ 2016-01-04\ 12:36:34

If I use dd to manually clone the Samba AD logical volume from the main XEN server to the backup, poweroff "sambaADserver" and then xl create sambaADserver on the backup - it runs fine and Samba AD works fine.

But with DRBD cloning the logical volume, when I poweroff the main "sambaADserver" and start it on the backup - it seems to start fine (I can login to it, service samba-ad-dc reports running, etc.) ... however, the domain controller does not seem to work. I.e. when I try to start Active Directory User and Computers - I get the following error...

enter image description here

If I wait long enough, the error changes to one of "The RPC server is not running" ... instead of the "The server is not operational" message.

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