I have an apache prefork module http server running on linux machine. The machine has 8GB RAM. I have following in my /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:

<IfModule prefork.c>
    StartServers       8
    MinSpareServers    5
    MaxSpareServers   20
    ServerLimit      512
    MaxClients       512
    MaxRequestsPerChild  4000

The problem is that no more child processes are getting forked after 256 and the requests are getting queued. I can see the number of child processes stuck at 256 under heavy load.

The average memory of a httpd process is aboout 3.69 MB.


In addition to increasing the MaxClients and ServerLimit settings to 512 you also need to raise MaxRequestWorkers to 512.

Quoted from the fine manual:

... Sites which need to serve more than 256 simultaneous requests may need to increase MaxRequestWorkers ...

And a little bit further:

MaxRequestWorkers Directive

Description: Maximum number of connections that will be processed simultaneously
Syntax: MaxRequestWorkers number

TheMaxRequestWorkers directive sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that will be served. Any connection attempts over the MaxRequestWorkers limit will normally be queued
For non-threaded servers (i.e., prefork), MaxRequestWorkers translates into the maximum number of child processes that will be launched to serve requests. The default value is 256; to increase it, you must also raise ServerLimit.

  • Tried increasing MaxRequestWorkers. Didn't work for me. Process count is still stuck at 256. – Rahul Sharma Jun 1 at 7:32

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