Server 2016 - PCs Win10

User can Login, but not access shares with out entering Admin/Other user Creds.
Changed the Password to her User Profile, didn't change the outcome.
Renamed her Profile, and Windows fails the ReCreate the profile.

I have ran sfc /scannow


Had a power outage, The IP Address to the AD Server changed to a DHCP and pulled a junk IP address. Disabled DHCP on the Router, since the AD is running DHCP. (I don't know if this caused the problem but I'm adding b/c it's all part) So now only the AD is serving DHCP, and all Devices are seen in the DHCP Snap-in.

All the other PCs/Users on the network are fine after correcting the DHCP IP Address on the Server.

One PC won't let It's user access the network shares. Accessing a Mapped Drive asks for User Credentials.
Providing Her Username/Password will not Grant Access, but Providing another account will.

I log into my UserProfile on Her PC and I can access the Shares no problem. I added her profile to another PC, it created the UserProfile and she could access the Shares.

I Updated her Password from her machine, the AD accepted the update. It worked as expected, and her New Password work on another Users PC.

I renamed her Profile on her PC to Have the Profile recreated at login, and it fails only creating a TEMP.

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