What is the name given to software which reports versions for a given set of software components (libraries, applications, etc) on one or more servers, and the collection software that runs on a management or monitoring server?

Example: server abacus runs Nginx version 1.17.0, PHP version 7.2.2, MySQL Server version 5.7.5; server badger runs Nginx version 1.16.2, PHP version 7.3.2, MySQL Server version 5.7.7; server cotton runs Nginx version 1.15.10, PHP version 7.0.10, MySQL Server version 5.7.2; these servers communicate with server zephyr which collates the information for monitoring and management via some form of console.

Servers abacus, badger and cotton have an agent running on them. Server zephyr has a multi-server collection agent. What is the catch-all name for this type of software, please?

Please note: I am not looking for product recommendations, I would like to know what to search for to narrow down my choices based on what this is.

Thank you.

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    "Configuration Management Database" (aka CMDB) might be what you are looking for. – Doug Deden Jun 3 at 16:58
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    maybe "system inventory software" is the missing keyword here? – neutrinus Jun 3 at 18:01
  • @DougDeden - thank you very much, this is getting me on the right track. I ended up at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… after some keyword research, lots of software names I recognise but none I have experience with. – Pete Cooper Jun 3 at 20:48
  • @neutrinus - thank you very much, you've given me lots of avenues to look into with that. A lot of the inventory software I'd looked at were limited to physical hardware assets, whereas there are some software-specific versions of the same to investigate. – Pete Cooper Jun 3 at 20:51

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