I'm having an issue with my RAID controller. When it comes on from a complete power off, the Adaptec RAID BIOS does not show up at all (the screen where I hit Ctrl+A to configure the RAID). It usually would be the first thing that comes up before even the splash screen of the motherboard. The only way to fix it is by clearing cmos to power it on, which the motherboard has a little button for.

It hasn't always been like this. Everything was working perfectly fine at first, then after having some interrupt problems with some telephony cards and after a couple of on/off cycles, it gradually started not showing the RAID BIOS at all, hence not seeing the mirrored SSDs and instead going to PXE.

I have tried switching PCIe slot and the RAID card itself to a new unit, none of which fixed the issue. For hardware, my RAID card is an Adaptec 8405e, motherboard is SuperMicro MBD-X11SAT, and in case it's relevant, the telephony cards that was having issues with were two 24-port Sangoma A400s. Apparently, having two A400 main boards caused IRQ problems causing CPU soft lockups, but I have since removed one and is now working fine. My only problem I'm having is that the BIOS doesn't seem to see the RAID card from fresh boot, thus not booting to the OS right away until I clear the CMOS and reconfigure the BIOS.

Would really appreciate any idea for how I could fix this or what I could do to figure out the problem.

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