I have deployed a flex aspcore app on GAE and now want to debug it. Unfortunately the stackdriver debugger page is not letting me go further with the following error

"The debugger could not find a debug target for the application MyApplication - MyVersion"

  • I have enable debug on the instance (from the instance thumb).
  • I have added source code.
  • I have accessed the instance with the right url before trying to debug.

Any suggestions ? Thanks


I ran into the same problem recently. Make sure you have added the debugger in the source. In my case I was using python and flask.

In requirements.txt I added the requirement google-python-cloud-debugger.

Then I added the debugging code. This could be anywhere but is suggested to be placed before creating the application.

Before my create_app factory function:

  import googleclouddebugger
except ImportError:
  • Welcome to serverfault. Please make sure how to do it in detail rather than providing a link to a documentation. If you really wish to provide a link, please you may comment on the original question. – Pothi Kalimuthu Jul 3 at 8:43
  • @PothiKalimuthu Thank you, updated. – user1222324562 Jul 3 at 16:36

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