On drupal7 I got private gz files bigger then 2GB which are uploaded with resumable uploads drupal module and they md5sum checks.

When downloading with firefox or safari they get truncated to exactly 2147483647.

When downloading using w3m displayed file size is again 2147483647 but actual size match real size and md5sum is also correct. It seems like server provides incorrect file size to browser.

Issue happened after updating to apache/php version 2.4/5.5. Priory update server was not providing info on total file size resulting in "unknown time left"

checked config files (php.ini apache2.conf and .htaccess) obviously no luck fixing it.

I can not really advise users to switch to w3m :). Have to fix it on the server side or find download-manager which would ignore suggested file size.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

my system is build on: drupa7, PHP Version 5.5.9, apache2.4

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