I'm guessing Azure Backup uses Blob Storage account rather than General Purpose v1 accounts (GPv1) or General Purpose v2 accounts (GPv2) and I'm looking for a confirmation of this in the Azure documentation. Please help

If I choose to keep a copy of the backup created by Azure Backup in Hot, Cool, Archive storage, what is the process to move it from Block Blob?


Azure Backup Recovery Services Vault is a different entity than a storage account. It is not Blob and does not have hot/cool/archive tiers. Restores to your choice of storage account are documented.

As of June 2019, Azure Backup can backup VM disks and Azure File shares. To backup Azure Blob, use a different solution.

Instead of vault, it is possible to implement your own backup by copying between storage accounts. See this sample code for incremental and full Blob backups, and accompanying blog post. Or perhaps buy backup software that does something similar if you don't want to build one.

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