I have problem with lost timestamps ( creation date ) on files copied using Total Commander - only modification date remained. It's hundreds thousands of files and few TB of data, so I prefer not to copy them again.

I managed to update only folders timestamps using robocopy - that works great:

robocopy /e /dcopy:t c:\source d:\destination

But all files timestamps are modified to copy time.

I tried some options like:

robocopy /e /copy:t c:\source d:\destination
robocopy /e /copyall c:\source d:\destination

but it didn't help.

It does the job but only when destination is empty:

robocopy /e /copyall /dcopy:t c:\source d:\destination

It also does the job but only on Windows 7 ( on Windows 10 it does not work ) and it copies again all files which is not what I want:

robocopy /e /copyall /is c:\source d:\destination

Anyone has idea how to update only timestamps of files without copying data itself again? It could be any application/method but I prefer free one if possible. I need to recreate whole subdirectory structure, hidden files and symlinks - full mirror. :)



Ok, I've managed to do this maybe it will be useful for someone else:

robocopy /e /timfix /dcopy:t c:\source d:\destination

Does the job :)

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