I'm trying to do this:

map $request_uri $php_timeout {
  default 60s;
  "~^/slow/process/(?:1|two|three)" 120s;


fastcgi_read_timeout $php_timeout;

but nignx -t gives an error:

nginx: [emerg] "fastcgi_read_timeout" directive invalid value in /etc/nginx/...

Is this simply not possible? docs don't say it's not (or that it is).

Nb. if it's not clear, I have several URLs that are best described by a set of regex tests that require different timeouts. I could write separate location blocks for all of these but that gets messy.

  • May be you should use another location for slow scripts – Alexey Ten Jun 6 at 14:02
  • @AlexeyTen yes it's clear from your answer (thanks!) that I'll have to! Just gets awkward as the slow scripts cross-cut other location definitions. Anyhow, thanks. – artfulrobot Jun 6 at 14:03
  • On the other hand, you could just set 120s for all scripts. – Alexey Ten Jun 6 at 14:07

fastcgi_read_timeout cannot contain variables. Directives that could use variables are marked so.

For example in fastcgi_param:

[…] The value can contain text, variables, and their combination.

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