I have a Wordpress website sat at something.example.com that all works fine, no problems whatsoever.

We need this website to be accessible via example.com/something which is a reverse proxy from AWS CloudFront.

It's currently running fine on an old server which we are migrating from. However when we invalidate the CloudFront cache when the DNS is pointing to the new server I end up with the error:

The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.

Bit more info on how this is set up...

example.com/something goes to the IIS web servers which reverse proxies the request to somethingcdn.example.com which resolves to the CloudFront distribution. Inside the CloudFront distribution there is a default behaviour that sends the request to something.example.com which is our Nginx->apache server.

Does anyone know why would this be happening and where to start looking to resolve this issue? I have no access to the example.com domain

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