Im having problems with redirect on nginx

I have this original URL:


And i'm using the Cloudflare Image, i can use this to load by Cloudflare Image:


But i need this dynamic, like:

Everything in this folder: "media/wysiwyg/" will redirected to:


logo.png would be dynamic, BUT MUST BE AN IMAGE (JPEG, GIF, PNG).

I tried this, but without success:

location ~ ^/media/wysiwyg/(.*)$ {
    rewrite    ^/media/wysiwyg/(.*)$ /cdn-cgi/image/format=auto,onerror=redirect/media/wysiwyg/$1 break;

I need, if i access this:


I need redirect to this (without change url):


What's wrong?


Change break to last.

Because the new URL will need to be processed by a different location, you need to have nginx restart processing for the new rewritten URL, which is only done when you use last in the rewrite rule.

See the docs for the complete explanation of how rewrite works.

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