I have a P420 card in a Gen 8 dl360e server and I've been having some problems with my RAID 10 array. The drive in bay 1 has appeared to fail. I say appeared, because on taking the drive out and running it through a test suite it all checks out ok. I'm thinking therefore that the problem lay in the cable, the card, or the backplane. To try to narrow down the problem I changed the SAS cable and have moved from port 1 on the card to port 2.

What seems to be happening now is that the card is recognising all four drives, but also shows a 'failed' drive on the previously used port. This drive does not exist - as there is nothing connected to port 1.

So, I have my RAID 10 array consisting of three functioning drives on port 2, and one 'failed' drive that does not exist on port 1. I also have a functioning 'unassigned' drive on port 2. I presume this is left in the configuration as the card remembers there being a failed drive on port 1. I'm hoping I can remove this from the array and add the functioning unassigned drive for a rebuild. I cannot find a way of doing this - can anyone help?

Here's a screenshot of the ACU showing what I mean.Unassigned drive should be used in place of failed imaginary drive

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