I am facing an issue in an Ubuntu server where Rsyslog is not able to read any file from the Perforce logs directory.

I tested that Rsyslog configuration for the imfile module is working properly since it is able to read from other directories including /home.

I also added syslog user to perforce group and vice-versa but it still didn't work.

One workaround I found but obviously not suitable for production is to do something like:

tail -f /perforce/logs/log.csv >> /home/monitoredlogfile

some useful info :

drwxr----- 2 perforce perforce 4096 Jun 11 14:01 logs

id syslog uid=104(syslog) gid=108(syslog) groups=108(syslog),4(adm),1010(perforce)

id perforce uid=1010(perforce) gid=1010(perforce) groups=1010(perforce),108(syslog)

Any idea what could be going wrong ?

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    You need to see an x in the group permissions (eg drwxr-x---) to be able to search a directory, not just read it. Do a chmod g+rx logs for example. – meuh Jun 11 at 15:15
  • Thanks, This has apparently resolved the signal 15 exit code I was getting from rsyslogd, but it is unfortunately still not parsing from the file.. – Notauser Jun 11 at 16:16
  • Does the file /perforce/logs/log.csv have a similar permission of rw-r----- (chmod g+r) at least, and belong to the group perforce? – meuh Jun 11 at 16:30
  • yes here it is : -rw-r-x--- 1 perforce perforce 190745372 Jun 11 17:11 log.csv – Notauser Jun 11 at 17:12
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    If you run rsyslogd -dn you will get enormous amounts of debug output, but you might be able to see from that where it is trying to read the file and why it fails. Try to simplify the config to a minimum first. Are you using state files for the module? (eg have you set PersistStateInterval). Also, are you using SELinux? – meuh Jun 11 at 17:21

Your perforce group can only read the repo /perforce/logs you need to add "x" to that folder to allow this group to access that folder.

Also be sure your /perforce folder has the same permission. Even if your /perforce/logs has rwxrwxrwx as persmission, if your /perforce is only rwx------ then the group won't never be able to access it.

If you don't want to play with the application permission you could use ACL instead to give access to syslog user to your folder

$ sudo setfacl -m u:syslog:rx -R /perforce/logs/ 
$ sudo getfacl /perforce/logs/

Careful : once I tried that with Kubernetes (giving access to syslog to /var/lib/docker/containers), but it broke new pods (they had DNS resolution issue). I had no other choice than run rsyslog as root instead of syslog

  • Thanks, doing a chmod g+r+x /perforce -R resolved the issue – Notauser Jun 11 at 19:37

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