I am in the process of migrating a database from an external server to cloud sql 2nd gen. Have been following the recommended steps and the 2TB mysqlsump process was complete and replication started. However, got an error:

'Error ''Access denied for user ''skip-grants user''@''skip-grants host'' (using password: NO)'' on query. Default database: ''mondovo_db''. Query: ''LOAD DATA INFILE ''/mysql/tmp/SQL_LOAD-0a868f6d-8681-11e9-b5d3-42010a8000a8-6498057-322806.data'' IGNORE INTO TABLE seoi_volume_update_tracker FIELDS TERMINATED BY ''^@^'' ENCLOSED BY '''' ESCAPED BY ''\'' LINES TERMINATED BY ''^|^'' (keyword_search_volume_id)'''

2 questions,

1) I'm guessing the error has come about because cloud sql requires LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE? However am quite sure on the master we run only LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE so not sure how it changes while replication, is that possible?

2) I can't stop the slave to skip the error and restart since SUPER privileges aren't available and so am not sure how to skip this error and also avoid it for the future while the the final sync happens. Suggestions?

  • Posting the link for the duplicate question you posted on StackOverflow for reference. I suggest continuing the discussion on Stackoverflow if needed since it is already ongoing. – K F Jun 14 at 21:02

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