I am using google cloud talent solution APIs on free trial account. I am able to execute APIs using API explorer, but for profile read API I am getting error "Quota exceeded for quota metric 'jobs.googleapis.com/profile_read_requests' and limit 'ReadsPerMinutePerProject' of service 'jobs.googleapis.com' for consumer 'project_number:xxxx". I am getting this error on every request. Kindly suggest.

  • Just use ... less requests (aka: try again later)? – bjoster Jun 12 at 14:48
  • I got this error on first request. Can I access profile read API on free trial account? – Pritam Dey Jun 12 at 14:52
  • AFAIK there is no access to profile_read_requests within the trail. – bjoster Jun 12 at 14:56
  • You mean,. all profile related activities (create,read,get,delete) are not accessible using free trial account? – Pritam Dey Jun 12 at 14:59

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