I have a Windows machine (computer 1) that is connected to a Windows server (computer 2)

The Windows server has connectivity to an internal web server (computer 3) -

From my Windows device (computer 1) I do not have connectivity to (computer 3)

My target is to access the computer 3 as from computer 1 web browser.

So I do the following steps:

I use putty and create a tunnel to establish an RDP connection from computer 1 to computer 2 via port 22

In the forward port in the putty I set that putty


The connection from computer 1 to the Windows server (computer 2) was successful and I have accessed computer 2 remotely.

From computer 2, what Windows feature or functionality will let me open up a tunnel to allow computer 1 access the internal web server (computer 3) via the web browser like

Remark - software installation is not permitted on the Windows server (computer 2) however, any software can be installed on computer 1. Remark - Windows firewall is enabled!

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    The network is a /24 ? if so, ask your network admin to unlock your firewall please. Bypassing security set in place by your netadmin is not a good idea. – yagmoth555 Jun 12 at 20:08
  • Yes it's is a /24. However, we're trying to explore and see if they'll be any way to leave the firewall and software installation rules unchanged and achieve the aim above. – Mr. Balboa Jun 13 at 6:47

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