I want to attach and mount already created and populated EBS volume with Ec2 instances with remote scripts (from Jenkins). I've tried the following,

aws ec2 attach-volume --device $deviceName --region $regionId --instance-id $instanceId --volume-id $volumeId

Once it is attached, I want to mount the volume inside EC2.

After ssh-ing into the instance, doing this,

sudo mount /dev/$deviceName /data

But this won't work as AWS renames volume device name. So, I need some kind of hacking solution to get the actual volume device id and mount it.

Will this below approach work?

lsblk --noheadings --raw -o NAME,MOUNTPOINT | awk '$1~/[[:digit:]]/ && $2 == ""

Then go through each name and get the original mapped device name by this.

sudo /sbin/ebsnvme-id /dev/$deviceId

What is the approach to mount EBS volume from remote scripts given that AWS renames volume device id?

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