I created a GKE cluster and inside it I created single pod with 2 conatiners with this yaml settings.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: django-nginx

  restartPolicy: Never

  - name: universal
    emptyDir: {}


  - name: nginx
    image: nginx
    - name: universal
      mountPath: /app_api

  - name: django
    image: django
    - name: universal
      mountPath: /app_api

and I'm imposting app code while building image with Dockerfile, part of which is here

FROM nginx
COPY ./app_api /app_api

but when I connect to container and ls into this directory, it shows no data. I want that code to be copied to that volume. how will it be done??


/app_api directory is empty in both containers because you mounted emptyDir over it (it's called "empty" for reason).

You have two ways to "share" files between containers:

  • Add files to both images (nginx and django) on build stage and do not use volume in pod. Technically you will have 2 different copy of data, so changes in one container will not be applied to another.
  • Add init container that will copy content from image to emptyDir volume on pod start up. Something like this (note that it will not copy "dot files" from root of /app_api/):
    - name: init
      image: nginx
      command: ["cp" "-pr" "/app_api/*" "/universal/"]
      - name: universal
        mountPath: /universal
  • Ty @seleznev, 1 more related query tho, I want these containers to talk to eachother, keeping in view that nginx container forwards request to django, and a services for nginx is exposed. Can I do it with single yaml file? And how would it be accomplished? – Sollosa Jun 19 at 4:52

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