I have expanded the disk for / - and it is MOSTLY recognized. For example - Applications / Utilities / Disks sees all 84GB, but Applications / Utilities / Disk Useage Analyzer only sees the old 49GB. So, some things know that "/" has been expanded, some don't. (See screenshots)

How to get EVERYTHING access to the space?

Disks_Screenshot - Sees all 84 GB

DUA_SS_1 - Sees all 84 GB

DUA_SS_2 - Doesn't see the expanded space?

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You expanded your filesystem correctly. The "49GB" you are concerned about is the space currently used on the filesystem by files under /, not the total space.

  • Not sure how to feel about that answer - this means I have other issues that might be harder to find... LOL!
    – Graywalker
    Jun 18, 2019 at 21:42

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