I am well aware of how to upload .p12 cert for iOS push notifications - via Heroku or Back4App. However my Parse server is hosted on AWS ec2 instance with Bitnami image. Hence I can only interact with my server via my Terminal. I tried uploading the PFX (.p12) from my local machine via scp something like this:

scp -i /Path/To/My/Certificates.p12 ubuntu@server_ip: /home

but I am receiving the following error in Terminal:

Load key "/Path/To/My/Certificates.p12": invalid format ubuntu@server_ip: Permission denied (publickey).

There is unfortunately poor documentation regarding how to upload p12 files without GUI's like Back4App/Heroku.

So I would be very glad if someone could assist me on this matter.



SCP is over SSH - so if you know how to log into your instance using SSH then that's half the battle

the -i keyword is a path to your private keyfile, not the file you want to upload, which should be in /Users/myname/.ssh/id_rsa where "myname" is your account.

how do you normally access the VM over SSH? You will use those creds with scp


This should work for you:

scp -i myKey.pem.txt /Path/To/My/Certificates.p12 ubuntu@server_ip:/home

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  • I normally access with ssh like this: ssh -I myKey.pem.txt ubuntu@server_ip. To be frank, I did try something like this: ssh -I myKey.pem.txt /Path/To/My/Certificates.p12 ubuntu@server_ip: /home but that didn't go well – Hudi Ilfeld Jun 20 '19 at 12:38
  • I've edited my original answer to conatin something that should work for you – Owensteam Jun 20 '19 at 12:43

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