I have an EC2 instance running Windows Server 2016 that contains 3 disks (C, D, E) stored one 1 EBS volume.

I have just extended the volume (from 300GB to 400GB) and am now trying to resize the disks within Windows. In the disk management utility, I only get the "Extend Volume..." option on Disk E - Disks C and D do not give me the option.

Is there any way to extend the C and D disks to split the additional 100GB between them?


Hi this is bit tricky windows is allowed to increase the partition size when the unallocated partition size is adjacent to the about to increase partition eg: c drive has an adjacent unallocated partition

If you are using inbuilt windows disk manager you cannot achieve this because you need to have your D drive.

You have to use a partitioning tool like DiskGenius EaseUS partition manager etc.

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