i changed the computer name, and entered this commands in SQL server management studio (ssms)

sp_dropserver <old_name>;   
sp_addserver <new_name>, local; 

i press this query

select * from sys.servers 

this is the result

is this okay? the location, provider string, catalog is NULL?

How can i know if everything changed according to the new Server name? do i need to reinstall SSMS again?


The code you ran to change the server name looks correct assuming you have a default instance. If the results of [Select @@servername] and [Select * from sys.servers] returns the same name you changed it to, then it was changed successfully. The fact that the columns location, provider_string, and catalog contain NULL in the results appears not to be an issue (The same exists in my environment). You can use this MS article as reference: Rename a computer which hosts sql server

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