I m newbie to sever environment.I got old Solaris 5.10 already installed following severs

  1. Sun oracle SPARC Enterprise T5220
  2. Sun oracle SPARC T4-1 server

It does not show BIOS loading ,when it is booting up.It shows the installed operating system is loading and come to SUNSP login: prompt.I reseted the password of T5220 server by jumper reset.Then it comes to console login.The problem is I do not know any password to go beyond that point and the people who gave me did not have a password history.(These were donated for educational purpose).So that I need to reset the severs and install new operating system.I tried to install Oracle Solaris 10 (SPARC) with (OK command prompt : boot cdrom -s) .but it shows

The file just loaded does not appear to be executable or Can't open boot device

I burn DVDs with Nero and Alcohol 120 softwares. But I failed.I tried several command with DVD ROM to check whether it is working or not.It is fine.I can not understand what is the reason which I failed.Please help me with this.

  • Are you sure you download the right version of Solaris 10? Because there is version for x86 and version for Spark. – Romeo Ninov Jun 24 '19 at 19:50
  • I downloaded from this link (oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris10/downloads/…) the first ISO image for -Oracle Solaris 10 (SPARC). – Kasun Wickramarathna Jun 25 '19 at 2:12
  • I use PuTTy software which is installed in my laptop to connect to the console of the sever through serial management port.I do not use a sun keyboard.It may be a reason not to identify commands correctly ..? – Kasun Wickramarathna Jun 25 '19 at 2:29
  • Did you check the checksum of downloaded file? – Romeo Ninov Jun 25 '19 at 3:42
  • No....I will check it now – Kasun Wickramarathna Jun 25 '19 at 3:58

So it sounds to me like you are in the ILOM. The way that the 5220 server works is there is a ILOM that is like a management interface. You have to tell it to boot from the cdrom and that will initiate the installer.

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