I'm having issues with my Cisco UC320W controller getting config settings over to my Cisco IP phones using a Dell N1524P Switch. Currently there is a Cisco ESW-540-24P switch that connects to both the UC320W and a Sonic Wall. With the current set up the IP phones and data traffic work as expected. I'm looking to replace the Cisco ESW-540-24P with the Dell N1524P switch.

Topology is as so:

  • Cisco UC320W has a dedicated internet connection for voice traffic

  • Sonic Wall has a dedicated internet connection for data traffic

  • Cisco ESW-540-24P switch sits in between the sonic wall and the Cisco UC320W

  • In testing, the Dell N1524P was connected to the Cisco ESW-540-24P but the IP phones were not able to pull the config settings from the UC320W

  • Plugging the IP phone into the Cisco ESW-540-24P did pull config from UC320W and works.

  • The Dell switch has ISDP on and enabled on all Ports for Cisco CDP inter-operability.

  • Port on Dell N1524P to Cisco ESW-540-24P and all other ports on the Dell have the below settings: "switchport mode general

switchport general allowed vlan add 100 tagged

voice vlan 100"

  • Port on Cisco ESW-540-24P to Dell N1524P has the settings with: " Switchport mode Trunk Tagged 100 VLAN

Untagged 1 VLAN"

Any ideas why the phone can't get any config info from the UC320W? Also appears data traffic does not work.

I did read a requirement that port fast needs to be set to on which the Dell switch was not set that way yet. I will be back on site in a couple of days so looking for anyone who may have had experience working with both these devices or similar.

Thanks for the help

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