I need to know if there is any way I can build a script which can be executed as soon as my windows VM is started in GCP. This script should(Other than RPA solution) be able to open a web browser and fill 3 consecutive pages(text fields, radio buttons, etc.) of my custom web-app and hit submit to the button.

Any suggestion how this kind of script is built or any sample script.


I understand you are trying to populate data into 3 web forms using a Windows script that has to be executed at system boot.

  1. Execute script at startup

    Put the script in the startup folder.

    *You might need to change the folder options to see hidden folders.

  2. Open multiple web pages from a script and pass parameters.

    Example BAT script (firefox)

@echo off
cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
start firefox.exe www.youtube.com google.com news.google.com
  1. pass parameters to web forms

There are dozens of ways to achieve this depending on the programming language you want to use.

I recommend you to take a look into this link that explains 4 different methods to pass data to a website from a script.

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