I have been working on Application by using, Google's Dialogflow, Mozilla's TogetherJS and WebRTC. The Application uses WebSockets to create real time chat app based message communication.

Application is perfectly fine on my local machine but when i deployed it on GAE Flex Env i am getting "502 Bad Gateway" .

Initially i deployed the app on GAE SE, i got the same error, but after some research i found that WebSockets are not yet supported on GAE SE. So i have deployed the app on GAE FLEX, but still i am getting the same issue.

ALso I have enabled SSL for the Application using self-signed certificate as Google docs recommend to use HTTPS and WSS. After SSL enabling, i have ensured the app is working fine on my local machine using HTTPS and WSS.

Also I have resolved the standard "favicon.ico" issue as i though that might be causing issue and now i don't see any "favicon.ico 404" error on local machine

But i am still getting "502 Bad Gateway" error and i can't even load my app's main landing page.

here is my App.yaml config

> # [START gae_flex_quickstart_yaml]
> runtime: nodejs 
> env: flex
> # [END gae_flex_quickstart_yaml]

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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