I have a subdomain that has index.php at its root. What I want is to block access to https://SUB.example.com/index.php or any other top files while letting anyone with a full URL to access to files (like another index.php in a subfolder of that subdomain)

I would like to do this under my virtualhost config instead of .htaccess because the same folder is used by another subdomain.

I am using Apache 2.4 under Debian Buster


There are several ways to limit the access to a certain path, but here's one example:

Make use of the <Location> tag. For example:

<VirtualHost "*:80">
    DocumentRoot "/path/to/blah"
    ServerName blah.blah.blah
    <Location "/somepath">
        Require all denied

You could also use the Redirect option in the location, if you want to point the client somewhere more informational:

Redirect 403 /somepath /some-nice-message.html
  • The issue is this. I want to block /index.php but not /index.php/apps/somepage – yarun can Jul 2 at 3:46
  • use LocationMatch with a regex that only matches what you're looking for. – TheCompWiz Jul 2 at 19:24

Use the LocationMatch directive, which allows specifying a regular expression as a location, like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName your.server.name
    <LocationMatch "^/[^/]*">
       Require all denied

This will block all access which begins with a /, but does not contain any / signs, so anything in the webroot will be blocked, but any path under that will be allowed. Parameters are not considered part of the path, so calling /index.php?/blah will be denied as well.

However, if AcceptPathInfo is On or Default, then paths like /index.php/blah will be accepted, and will result in parsing the php file (in fact, any scripts which have handlers accepting PATH_INFO requests will be served this way). If it is not what you want, then you might want to disable AcceptPathInfo, but that may result in misbehaving PHP pages. A better solution is explicitly denying php files in the root directory (this config snippet should be used after the one above):

<LocationMatch "^/[^/]*\.php.*">
    Require all denied
  • Thanks I will test this one too. – yarun can Jul 2 at 15:36

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