I've installed Confluent Kafka OSS using their official helm chart: https://github.com/confluentinc/cp-helm-charts

However, I would like to consume Kafka topics in a GCP Dataflow so this mean, I guess, that I need to make the Kafka pods available outside the K8s cluster.

  1. I was not able to find a parameter into the helm chart to switch from ClusterIP to Node Balancers (for each broker, I guess)

  2. Assuming that I will, how to restrict the access to GCP resources (eventually the same project in which the K8s cluster lies) only?


On the first question, you don't need to change the ClusterIP resources directly in the chart, as these are exposing your applications within the cluster. You can instead create other types of external services to expose your application on GKE.

Regarding the second one and since you're running on GKE, you can just create a private GKE cluster that will restrict access to the same VPC by default.

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