Greeting's, I am trying to configure different DNS resolutions for:

  1. maniarfamily.com -- I want maniarfamily.com (or www.maniarfamily.com / https://www.maniarfamily.com) to point to Wix (
  2. cloud.maniarfamily.com -- I want this to point to a different IP

I have purchased the domain from GoDaddy and I am using GoDaddy's nameservers.

Following are the records I have made:

for maniarfamily.com:

  1. "A" record with @ pointing to
  2. "CNAME" record with www.maniarfamily.com pointing to www37.wixdns.net
  3. "CNAME" record with www pointing to www38.wixdns.net
  4. "NS" record with maniarfamily.com pointing to ns10.wixdns.net
  5. "NS" record with maniarfamily.com pointing to ns11.wixdns.net

for cloud.maniarfamily.com:

  1. "A" record with cloud.maniarfamily.com pointing to
  2. "A" record with www.cloud.maniarfamily.com pointing to
  3. "CNAME" record with cloud pointing to cloud.maniarfamily.com
  4. "CNAME" record with cloud pointing to cloud.maniarfamily.com

There are default entries by GoDaddy of nameservers (NS)

NS @ ns15.domaincontrol.com NS @ ns16.domaincontrol.com

I am obviously doing it horribly wrong. As earlier cloud.maniarfamily.com used to correctly resolve to

However current nslookup output for cloud.maniarfamily.com:

nslookup cloud.maniarfamily.com
    Server:  dns.google
    dns.google can't find cloud.maniarfamily.com: Server failed

However current nslookup output for maniarfamily.com: <--- This is as required.

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    maniarfamily.com
  • you don't need the redundant cname records you are also probably better off asking over on superuser.com – ivanivan Jul 4 at 18:49

The two NS records you added are wrong. These must not be changed without also changing where your DNS is hosted, but you did not do that. You chose to host your DNS at GoDaddy, not at Wix. They must be changed back to ns15.domaincontrol.com. and ns16.domaincontrol.com.

  • Thank you very much. I have removed NS records of WIX. Only two uneditable NS records of GoDaddy remain: NS @ ns15.domaincontrol.com and NS @ ns15.domaincontrol.com – Parth Maniar Jul 4 at 18:53
  • @ParthManiar OK, now just wait for the TTL to expire. You probably should also put the A record for @, as you seem to have deleted it. – Michael Hampton Jul 4 at 18:54
  • I would also like to know why typing maniarfamily.com gives error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED and typing www.maniarfamily.com shows the webpage? (meaning DNS resolution is successful). – Parth Maniar Jul 4 at 19:01
  • It still isn't working. Any idea what is wrong? – Parth Maniar Jul 5 at 9:33

Following helped me:

Clear previous records

After that add

Type A, name: @, Value:

Type Cname, name: www, Value: @

Type A, name: cloud, Value:

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