I'm not able to update my Application Registration in Azure Portal. I consistently get "Network error: There is an issue establishing a connection to the service" : Error screenshot

I am able to view my App Registrations, and create new App registrations. Only when I save them, the update fails.

The application registration experience: https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_RegisteredApps/ApplicationsListBlade

I am the owner of these apps or the tenant administrator.

I noticed that all network requests to graph.windows.net with http verb PATCH fails. POST, GET, etc work. The same requests work when I'm not on my corporate network. What action can I take to determine the root cause and fix this?

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    You mentioned the same requests work when you are not on the Corporate network. 1) Does the network have strict Security Policies/ACLs? 2) Are your tests conducted on the same workstation?
    – confoundr
    Jul 5 '19 at 22:47

Most likely the case is your web filter does not support the HTTP PATCH verb. On some versions of Cisco WSA the verb is not supported at all. On version 11+, the verb must be enabled explicitly with the httppatchconfig config

You can also set implicit TLS inspection mode for graph.windows.net - this will allow the HTTPS request to pass through the WSA unmodified

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