I've got some domain example.com with some subdomains (foo.example.com, bar.example.com, etc). That's hosted in GKE and contains one ingress with the mass of routing. This all used to be deployed manually.

Now I've created subdomain dev.example.com for my stage infrastructure instance. It should be something like foo.dev.example.com, bar.dev.example.com, etc.

I want to deploy everything via helm. I've got a standard chart structure for my services (like deployment/stateful set + ClusterIP service + ingress). So I need a load balancer that would send all requests with host *.dev.example.com to GKE ingress controller avoiding using external static IP address per ingress. Is it possible? Or I could I bind all my ingresses to one static IP address?


GKE default ingress (GCE ingress class) will automatically spin up and setup an HTTP(S) load balancer that has path-based routing capabilities.

You can also use other ingress controllers that will create Network load balancer resources and will automatically bind to an external address.

Currently, is not possible to attach all the external load balancer addresses to a single one in GCP.

However, you can use GCE ingress's features to handle multiple hosts. In this case, *.example.com and *.dev.example.com, can be pointed to a different set of services and deployments within the cluster using the same ingress (and hence, the same public address).

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