I am working on a SaaS app, deployed on AWS that requires the ability for users to be grouped off and only have access to their resources. I am just in the design phase, but trying to wrap my head around how to get all the policies setup.

For instance, I have 2 separate companies that sign up, each have their own group of users in their respective orgs, but should only see their S3 prefixes.

I am guessing the right approach is to use tags in the policies, so that company A would have access to asw:s3:::groups/${group}, but I am not sure how or where to assign the group tag to the given users, especially when I could possibly have multiple user pools. I am guessing it goes in the identity pool, but how do you do that?

And, I apologize if this is the wrong Stack Exchange for this question. This definitely didn't seem like a coding question, but I am not sure if it should land here either.

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