I have a Kubernetes cluster running for months on AWS.

I do not know why when I am running a kubectl command to my server from my deploy pipeline or my local computer I have

Unable to connect to the server: EOF

All my services seems to work well

The read operations are on the master

Kubernetes version: 1.11.7 Master version: 1.11.6

I can ssh into my master but no idea of command I can run to help

  • check what is generating the master IO usage
    – c4f4t0r
    Jul 11 '19 at 22:48
  • Do you still have this problem ? Do you use EKS ? Can you check if you are using the correct context: kubectl config current-context ?
    – matt_j
    Feb 22 at 11:38

If you use minikube take notice that when Minikube is started after than kubectl is configured automatically.

minikube start
Starting local Kubernetes cluster...
Kubernetes is available at
Kubectl is now configured to use the cluster.

You can check and validate the cluster and context with command below:

$ kubectl config view
  • Let me know if it works. Please upvote, accept.
    – Malgorzata
    Jul 30 '19 at 9:38

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