I have a weird situation.

I have windows server 2012 r2 with some services (developed In House) that do some IO operation against NAS system. From Time to time the services hangs and I can not kill the process (fix only by restart server). I have tried investing the situation and I saw couple of things: All the hangs services have an IO operation that not completed and the service waiting for that. I can not access the share on the NAS only from the hang server(I don't get any error its just do nothing when I double click on it), other shares are fine and the specific share is available from other servers. When I am trying to stop the lanman workstation it is hangs too on stopping. I tried to kill the lanman via cmd, powershell and from task manager but it's still on stopping. When I tried to access the share from the hangs server via IP address instead of name it is working fine. (I do not have dns - only host file).

Any idea??

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