So this is obviously a 2x2 matrix - www and non-www, against SSL and non-SSL.

I want all traffic to be directed to SSL and www.

Getting http://example.com and http://www.example.com over to https://www.example.com is simple; I just add this line in the <VirtualHost *.80> container:

Redirect / https://www.example.com

And it works. The problem is getting https://example.com over to https://www.example.com. I don't have a digital certificate for example.com - the cert is written for www.example.com!

I'm thinking anything I put inside the <VirtualHost *.443> wrapper (Rewrite Rules etc.) won't help because the cert validity is checked first. I'm wanting the redirect to happen BEFORE I get the scary-looking message below. How would I do this?

standard Chrome message for irregular cert

  • Which OS/version do you run apache on? – Anubioz Jul 14 at 8:53

As the certificate doesn't cover example.com, you need a separate VirtualHost for your example.com:443. With SNI it can have another certificate for example.com, e.g. free certificate from Let's Encrypt. You simply can't get rid of the error without a matching certificate.

  • I did do a separate VirtualHost container with example.com:443, but of course there's no cert. What does SNI mean? – Oliver Williams Jul 14 at 1:41
  • There must be a matching certificate. Server Name Indication SNI is a TLS extension that enables you to have multiple certificates on a single IP address i.e. with VirtualHosts. It's explained e.g. by Cloudflare and GlobalSign. For millenials there's even videos on YouTube. – Esa Jokinen Jul 14 at 5:33

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