I was trying to update cloudfront distribution(disable/remove OriginSSLprotocol:SSLv3) using below commands

  1. aws cloudfront get-distribution-config --id E29BDBENPXM1VE | jq 'del(.DistributionConfig.Origins.Items[].CustomOriginConfig.OriginSslProtocols.Items[0])|.DistributionConfig.Origins.Items[].CustomOriginConfig.OriginSslProtocols.Quantity=3'>test.json
  2. aws cloudfront update-distribution --id E29BDBENPXM1VE --distribution-config (cat test.json |jq -r .DistributionConfig) --if-match (cat test.json | jq -r .ETag)

Command 2 resulted in below error: syntax error near unexpected token `(' Can anyone please help me out on above issue ,also wanted to know how to merge above 2 commands to make as single line command

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