I am trying to get my WSO2 keymgr cluster to moved from openldap to windows Active Directory. and use this as the primary user store. i have used the guide from wso2 and applied all the ad related setting to the user.xml file.

once i restart my keymgr service i can see that it binds to ldap but does complain about not being able to create or changed objects, as i am using ldap and read only.

i am unable login with the admin account or any AD account.

i have put my user.xml back and added it as a secondary user store. i can browse AD and see all users and groups without any problems. i have added a group in AD and granted permission for ws02 in the web ui of wso2 and added a user in ad to that group. i am unable to login to wso2 this user.

when i tail the carbon log file i see 2 message saying

ERROR BasicAuthenticationInterceptor Authentication failed. Please check your username/password

b ut i knoiw the user and password are fine as i can rdp to the servers using this info...... anyone got any ideas as i am now scratching my head on this..

  • On the domain controller, what account name and account domain are in the 4625 logon failure event in the security event log? – Greg Askew Jul 19 at 11:16

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