Setting up a proxy manually doesn't work on my enterprise network. When running the docker login it returns the following error message:

Error response from daemon: Get https://a/v2/: Proxy Authentication Required ( ... requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web Proxy filter is denied.  )

I am running the docker instance on Windows 10.

I have tried the following 2 things for debugging:

  • Passing the credentials in the URL, but the proxy doesn't seem to allow basic authentication or if it does it will not accept the credentials in the parameters.

  • Changing the docker service account, as posted here, but that breaks the docker installation. Commands sent from the PowerShell always return an error when accessing the pipe.

I am out of options. Is there another way to solve this?

If I understand the system correctly, I need some way to pass the credentials to the proxy, because the proxy is requiring it this way. Also, it can't get the credentials from a service running with a local service account.

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The documentation at this point in time is not very clear.

Here is what worked out for me on:

- Docker 19.03.5, build 633a0ea 
- windows 10 Enterprise platform

1) Go to Docker Desktop > Settings > Proxies

2) Set Manual proxy configuration

3) Set your proxy and credentials at Web server and Secure Web server

  • create your proxy url and credentials in this format: domain\username:password@proxy-url.com:port
  • remove special characters from domain\username:password at https://www.url-encode-decode.com/
  • paste the url in the inputs for Web Server and Secure Web Server

4 - Add the desired exceptions to your proxy

  • 1
    can we add (somehow) the proxy credentials without having the password in plaintext?
    – koxta
    Nov 8, 2021 at 15:17
  • Just to clarify, the username and password need to be URL encoded separately, so e.g. the HTTP setting will look something like http://{urlencodeusername}:{urlencodedpassword}@proxy.mycompany.com:8080. And don't paste your password into a random website!
    – StuartLC
    Oct 12, 2022 at 10:53

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