I want to replicate one project/repository from one Gerrit to another Gerrit. My replication config:

[remote "gerrit3"]
  url =${name}
  adminUrl = gerrit+ssh://
  push = refs/*:refs/*
  replicatePermissions = true
  replicateHiddenProjects = true
  mirror = false
  projects = tests/test1
  replicationDelay = 0
  createMissingRepositories = true

After triggering replication I see following messages in replication log:

[2019-07-25 14:11:00,249] [] scheduling replication tests/test1:..all.. =>
[2019-07-25 14:11:00,251] [] scheduled tests/test1:..all.. => [f208c682] push to run after 0s
[2019-07-25 14:11:00,253] [f208c682] Replication to started...
[2019-07-25 14:11:00,463] [f208c682] Missing repository created; retry replication to
[2019-07-25 14:12:00,465] [f208c682] Replication to started...
[2019-07-25 14:12:00,689] [f208c682] Missing repository created; retry replication to
[2019-07-25 14:13:00,690] [f208c682] Replication to started...
[2019-07-25 14:13:00,996] [f208c682] Missing repository created; retry replication to

Last two lines keep repeating forever. It looks like source Gerrit doesn't see remote repository, no matter if remote repo exists or not. If not it creates empty repo properly but after this Gerrit still doesn't see it.


Problem was in url line. Documentation examples show url without protocol specified but also mention that url parameter is compatible with git push url syntax. After change url line to:

url = ssh://gerrit@${name}

problem is gone. Gerrit starts to see remote repo.

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