I have a remote Xen server running some virtual machines and i want to share some files between them. Can you recommend a good pratice doing this ?

Currently network setup is the standard Xen networking (bridging), each VM has an eth interface with dedicated public IP. I'm thinking of adding a bridge for private networking in dom0, but not sure what to do from there.


if you are looking to from network storages like SAN or NAS then you can use for both guest using NFS in fstab file of both server you can give enter y auto,_netdev, and in export file,no_root_squash,sync).


NFS is a good way to share data between Linux/Unix systems. or use samba to share file via linux and windows. But remember to secure the share.


Share an NFS or SMB volume (depending on what O/S you're running on the VMs) from a server - which could be one of the VMs if necessary. Then have the VMs mount the volume and read/write files to it.

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